Manual and automatic transmission

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The transmission of a car is just as important as the engine of the car. This is the part of the car that transmits the power from the engine to the wheels. There are two types of transmissions available in the market – the manual transmission and the automatic transmission.

Manual transmission is the transmission where driver has to change the gear manually. There is a set range of speed for each set of gears. When ever the driver changes a gear, one set of gear is linked with the output shaft of the transmission, while another set of gear is disengaged. There are different types of manual transmission like five gear manual transmission and six gear manual transmission. Manual transmission also has another component called the clutch. This clutch is used by the driver to change gears. It also enables the driver to stop the car without having to switch off the engine. It takes sometime for the driver of the car to learn how to use the clutch. The clutch requires more concentration from the driver and it can be compared to a person learning how to play a musical instrument. The manual transmission is located on the driver’s side. In the case of older cars one can find it on the steering wheel column.

Automatic transmission is the transmission where driver changes the gear by amount of pressure he applies on the accelerator. The automatic transmission does not have a clutch pedal. Many modern day cars come with automatic transmission.

Many people argue that the manual transmission allow the driver to have a better feel of the road. A driver who is used to driving with a manual transmission can easily adapt to a car with automatic transmission. But a driver who started driving using automatic transmission will find it difficult to drive a manual transmission.

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Manual and automatic transmission

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This article was published on 2010/11/12