Automated Manual Gearbox Or An Automatic Transmission

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Tiptronic transmission
"Automated manual" gearbox As the name suggests is to shift manual shift and automatic integration with the two modes of transmission form. In such transmissions, there are a significant sign so he can get into manual shift mode.

Ordinary automatic transmission, the lack of driving pleasure has its shortcomings, so to make up for this shortcoming came out tiptronic transmission. With the manual gear selection mode, the driver is then required to be free stalls. Functional point of view tiptronic transmission and manual transmission there is no difference, but its a good tiptronic transmission with manual mode should increase faster, Jiandang reaction.

Structural point of view, automated manual gearbox or an automatic transmission, the automatic transmission models as common fuel consumption is relatively high, defects such as adverse modification is it that you can still see. In addition, such transmission still has to import, the cost is higher than the normal number of transmissions, the vehicle price is not cheap. But for a family, if the man of the tendency of driving fun, the hostess preference for relaxing driving experience, configure automated manual transmission model is a good choice.

Continuously variable transmission
Common CVT automatic transmission with the greatest difference is in the structure, the automatic transmission is continuously variable between the two block, while the continuously variable transmission CVT can achieve full, so more speed change smooth, no traditional automatic transmission when shifting the kind of "Patton" feeling.

In the continuously variable transmission family of computer-controlled stepless automatic hydraulic winch, no-stage electronically controlled automatic transmission ECVT undoubtedly is the highest among the representatives of science and technology. Compared with ordinary continuously variable transmission, controlled by the computer can ECVT work in a variety of state, to maintain the best gear ratio and smooth transition, ECVT also on the car's economy and power, the engine speed range of the best transmission ratio within the match. ECVT can achieve the integrated powertrain control, full engine performance, engine work at the best condition to improve the engine's combustion process, reduces exhaust emissions. Gives the impression the vehicle is more smooth.

Structural and technical point of view, continuously variable transmission are more complex and sophisticated, so the higher maintenance costs. Currently, some domestic models provide a vehicle equipped with continuously variable transmission device, such as we are familiar with the Nissan Teana, Honda Fit and the Audi A4, A6 and so on.

Double Clutch Transmission
VW's DSG dual-clutch hydraulic winch is a kind of subversive design new transmission, manual transmission not only inherited the features of high transmission efficiency, and faster than the manual transmission shifting.

DSG dual clutch transmission and the biggest difference between conventional gearbox is that it has a two piece set is made of double-clutch clutch device, and also has a solid shaft and the outer sleeve by a combination of the two-shaft body, and Mechatronic and by the electronic control unit can control two sets of hydraulic clutch and the gear action.

In a gear, the clutch a combination of a set of gears meshing output power, close to the shift, the next group of block section of gear has been pre-selected, while associated with the clutch 2 is still in a state of separation; in for into the next gear when the clutch is in a working state separation, will use the gear from power, while the clutch 2 occlusion have been pre-selected gear to the next file. During the whole shift to ensure that at least a set of gears in the output power, so that no interruption of state power.

Current models equipped with dual-clutch transmission is rare, the public MAGOTAN, Golf GTI and Audi TT VW these two models are both equipped with dual-clutch gearbox, the latest generation BMW M3 is also equipped with dual-clutch gearbox models.
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Automated Manual Gearbox Or An Automatic Transmission

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